About Civilverse

“If you can’t explain it in an easy way, you don’t understand it at all”

Civilverse has been started to help the Civil Engineering professionals and students to gain knowledge about various aspects of Civil Engineering.

The articles are broadly classified into the site execution activities, QA/QC provisions, lab and site testing of materials, design elements, codal provisions, planning, billing, scheduling and project management, new technologies, and latest trends in civil engineering, etc. Civilverse provides a comprehensive field and academic knowledge and helps in developing strong technical knowledge.

The ideology behind Civilverse is to create wholesome civil engineering content. Each topic covered contains all the knows-and-hows about it.

The articles are written in the easiest way possible. Because I truly believe the knowledge is more beneficial if it can be put to use. And to use the knowledge efficiently, the basics need to be cleared first. Civilverse targets the basics along with advanced skills and provides core knowledge.

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