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How to Prepare 1000 SQFT House Construction Material Estimate?

Table of content for 1000 sqft house construction material estimate-

  1. Layout Description
  2. Estimation of Excavation
  3. Estimation of Substructure Work
  4. Estimation for Superstructure Work
  5. Abstract of Quantities
  6. House Construction Material Estimate

House construction is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the majority of the people. More than an investment, it has an emotional aspect related to it. In this article, we shall estimate the construction material required for a 1000 square feet house.

First, we shall calculate the quantities of works like excavation, PCC, concrete, reinforcement, tiles. Second, the material required for executing all works shall be calculated.

Let us prepare the house construction material estimate for a 1000 square feet plot.

Layout Description

Layout for house construction material estimate
House Plan for 1000 square feet. Image Credit: Livproo

The plot is rectangular and has an area of 1050 square feet. The house rooms have the following dimension-

RoomSize in m
Master Bedroom3.00 x 3.45
Bedroom 23.00 x 3.00
Bedroom 33.00 x 3.10
G/Kitchen3.60 x 2.95
F/Kitchen2.67 x 1.80
Living Room3.30 x 3.50
Dining Room2.70 x 5.00
C/Toilet1.20 x 2.50
A/Toilet1.75 x 1.30
Front Porch3.30 x 1.50

Estimation of Excavation

A foundation constructed on a firm stratum. The minimum depth for a foundation is 1.5 m.

The construction is to be carried out by mechanical means like a backhoe or an excavator. The excavation is carried out individually for each footing. Also, an extra 0.6 m has been excavated on all the sides of footing for the working space.

The house is built on 20 Nos. isolated rectangular footings of size 1.2 x 1.2 at 1.5 m depth from the NGL.

Layout showing column and therefore the footings in the layout
Column Location in the house layout

The excavation length for each footing = 1.2 + 2*0.6 = 2.4 m

The excavation width for each footing = 1.2 + 2*0.6 = 2.4 m

The excavation is done till the bottom of PCC (thickness of PCC is 100 mm) = 1.5 + 0.1 = 1.6

footing excavation calculation

Estimation of Sub Structure Work

The substructure work includes PCC, reinforcement, shuttering and concreting work of foundation, column and plinth beam.

PCC Calculation

The plain cement concrete provides a levelled surface for the foundation reinforcement works. The grade of PCC is M10.

The PCC thickness is 100 mm (=0.1 m). An offset of 0.05mm on either side of the footing is maintained.

Length for PCC area for each footing = 1.2 + 2*0.05 = 1.3 m

Width for PCC for each footing = 1.2 + 2*0.05 = 1.3 m

pcc calculation for footing

RCC Calculation

The grade considered in the example for reinforced cement concrete is M20. It is the minimum grade of concrete to be used for the RCC.

Foundation thickness = 0.6 m

Columns = 20 Nos. of size 0.3 x 0.3

Depth of Column for Substructure = (NGL – Top of Foundation) = (0- (-1.5)) = 1.5 m

Plinth Beam Size = 0.4 m x 0.6 m

Plinth Beam Total Length = 70.45 m (as calculated from the attached layout)

beam layout for house construction material estimate
Beam Layout for the House
RCC calculation for sub structure

Reinforcement Calculation

Assuming nominal reinforcement as follows- The density of steel = 7850 kg per cum

reinforcement calculation for sub structure

Estimation of Backfilling

The backfill soil is filled into the foundation pits to cover the foundation. The backfilled soil is watered and well compacted by manual or mechanical means. The manual means include a rammer or a manual roller and the mechanical means include vibratory roller, sheep foot roller etc.

Backfill Quantity = (Excavation Quantity – PCC Poured – RCC Poured in Sub Structure)

backfill calculation

Estimation of Superstructure Work

The superstructure work includes columns, beams and slab work.

RCC Calculation

Columns = 20 Nos. of size 0.3 m x 0.3 m

Slab top level from NGL = 3.0 m

Slab thickness = 150 mm = 0.150 m

Height of Column for Superstructure = (Top of Slab – Slab thickness – NGL) = (3.0 – 0.15 – 0) = 2.85 m

Floor Beam Size = 0.3 m x 0.5 m Floor Beam Total Length = 70.45 m (as calculated from the layout)

Superstructure RCC calculation

Reinforcement Calculation

The reinforcement calculation for superstructure work is as follows-

reinforcement calculation for superstructure


The finishing works include brickwork, flooring plaster and painting.


The brickwork is 0.225 m thick for all the walls.

The brick size is as per the Indian standard, i.e., 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm.

As it can be observed from the above drawings that the brick wall is provided over the plinth beam.

Therefore, Total wall-length = Beam length = 70.45 m Wall height = Floor Beam Bottom Level – Plinth Level = 2.85 – 0 = 2.85 m



Plaster covers the brickwork and provides a smooth surface for putty and paint. For this example, consider the thickness of plaster as 12 mm for the slab, external walls and internal walls.

Wall Plaster (internal & external both) = 2 x Wall Area. Also, the wall area is determined by multiplying the wall length by the wall height

Wall Area = 70.45 x 2.85 – Deductions for Doors & Windows = 192.24 sqm

Slab Plaster = Length x Width

plaster calculation for house construction material estimate

The quantity of mortar is calculated as follows-

= Plaster Area x Plaster thickness

= 480.14 x 0.02

= 9.60 cum


For this example, the painting job includes putty work and 2 coats of paint on the slab and walls.

Since painting is done over the plastered area only, therefore

Painting = Plaster = 480.14 sqm

Estimation of Flooring

The flooring covers the plinth area of the building. The house contains three types of flooring-

  1. Marble for bedrooms, living area, dining area and sit out.
  2. Kitchen and Toilets have anti-skid tiles over the floor.

Also, a PCC of 100 mm thickness is laid over the entire plot area.

Flooring PCC thickness = 100 mm = 0.1 m

Flooring PCC Quantity = (Plot Area – Area Covered by walls) x PCC thickness

Where, area covered by walls = Wall length x Wall Thickness = 70.45 x 0.225 = 15.85 sqm

flooring pcc calculation

Anti-Skid Tile Flooring for Kitchens and Toilets-

floor tiles calculation for kitchen and toilet

Marble flooring-

= Total area – Area covered by walls – Kitchen area – toilet area

= 1050 – 15.85 – 20.70

= 1013.45 sqm

Abstract of Quantities for House Construction Material Estimate

The abstract of quantities is the summary of all the works to be done for the construction of the house.

abstract of quantities for house construction material estimate

House Construction Material Estimate

The material requirement for PCC, RCC, brickwork and plaster are calculated by “The construction Material Excel Calculator by Civilverse” has been used. You can download the same by clicking on the link.

house construction material estimate for 1000 sqft house plan

The material statement is standard. However, for planning and procurement purposes, wastages are to be added extra as-

You may also find these basics of quantity surveying interesting.

Here is a magical excel sheet to calculate the preliminary cost of house of any size.

Learn more about the maintaining quality at site with this 360 degrees approach.

Also, check out these secret tips of brick masonry that no one tells.

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